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Dog Specific Artificial Grass

An artificial lawn can be the perfect solution solution for dog owners. However it is of vital importance to use the correct products and follow a suitable installation procedure.

95% of artificial grass sold in the UK has just a latex backing that deteriorates and breaks down due to the uric acid in doggie pee. After just a few months you can expect a very smelly lawn as the backing retains the smell.

K9-Turf from TiaTurf is a latex free product designed for dogs. The multi tone green fibres are designed to look totally realistic but do not let doggie poo stick to them. More importantly the backing (see photo) is fully encapsulated in polyurethane to prevent urine attack. Base works are equally as important, K9-Turf is laid on a drainage bed that neutralises uric acid and prevents the smell. Whatever dogs you have K-9 Turf is guaranteed to work for you.

Here is a link to an article written by another artificial grass company that makes a really good job of explaining the cost and installation of proper dog turf:


When you receive your quotation from TiaTurf you will be pleasantly surprised at our more thorough specifications and lower price.

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